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From discrimination to wrongful termination, our attorneys help resolve all kinds of disputes

Whether you're an employer or an employee, you'll want to avoid suing the other party if possible. Taking your dispute to court is a costly, time-consuming way to resolve it. Luckily, Stephen J. Kolski & Associates, P.A. of Coral Gables, FL can help you avoid the hassle of filing a lawsuit.

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  • Breach of contract attorney about possible ways to enforce the agreement
  • Wrongful termination attorney about the events leading up to your firing
  • Discrimination attorney about the rights you have as an employee
We're here to help you protect your best interests.

Protect your business against future disputes

Not all employees have a case for discrimination or wrongful termination. Our attorneys can discover the truth and help resolve the matter privately.

If you've recently resolved a dispute involving breach of contract, our attorneys can go over your documents to prevent this scenario from happening again. We can also draft and review existing employee handbooks, non-compete agreements and other important documents.

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